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The v11 release

The Carbon v11 release is available now and includes quality of life updates for designers and developers, and with no brand updates, no product redesigns are required.


Carbon v11 focuses on quality of life updates for designers and developers including token and prop renaming for ease of use, component API updates for a more predictable developer experience, and introducing CSS grid for accurate layout building in line with the design language.

With no changes to the IBM Design Language, v11 will not require any brand-driven product redesigns.

What’s new

  • CSS grid lets you more accurately build layouts in line with the design language.
  • Inline theming for light/dark modes.
  • Token renaming for better understanding and ease of use.
  • Size props introduced for icons to reduce icon package size.
  • Reduced compile times with new Sass modules.

What’s not changing

  • No changes to the IBM Design Language.
  • No need to redesign your UI.
  • Tokens that are changing will continue to work in v11.
  • Assets that are deprecated in v10 will remain in v11 and will be removed in v12.

Migration guide

Ready to make the move to Carbon v11? Our Migration Guide helps designers and developers learn more about this release and get started migrating to v11.


For a list of common questions and answers about migrating to v11, visit the FAQ.