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Patterns are best practice solutions for how a user achieves a goal. They show reusable combinations of components and templates that address common user objectives with sequences and flows.

Community patterns

These patterns are developed and maintained by members of the Carbon community. For support, contact the maintainers listed on each page. They are not supported by the core Carbon team.

These patterns may change over time, and they may be incomplete or experimental. For work that has been approved for universal use by the Carbon governance board, see Carbon patterns.

Some of this content is accessible to IBMers only.

ChatbotsHow to design chatbots for users using natural language.
Content: in-app learningAccessible to IBMers only. A set of patterns to help users understand key features. Includes guidance for creating the following: welcome screens, getting started, in-context help and guidance, global help and guidance, and what’s new/updates.
Create flowsHow to generate a new resource; compare adding.
EditHow to make changes to an existing resource.
ExportHow to change the format of the object or resources as you are exporting externally from the system.
Generate an API keyHelps ensure users know what the key is for, the security implications, and the final destination.
ImportTransfers data or objects from an external source into a system.
Order summaryAccessible to IBMers only. A summary of a platform’s functionality, status, or individual service.
RemoveAn action that moves information from one location to another. Compare deletion.