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The Carbon React library provides front-end developers and engineers a collection of reusable React components to build websites and user interfaces. Adopting the library enables developers to use consistent markup, styles, and behavior in prototype and production work.



Using npm:
npm install --save carbon-components-react carbon-components carbon-icons
If you prefer Yarn:
yarn add carbon-components-react carbon-components carbon-icons

Getting started

  1. These components require the use of webpack in your project. See our webpack.config.js for an example configuration.

  2. Components do not import any of the styles themselves, use the SCSS or CSS from carbon-components to bring in styling. You can also use the unpkg CDN to bring in the styles wholesale - aliases the latest CSS file.

  3. For older browsers (e.g. IE11), polyfills listed in the carbon-components-react/.storybook/polyfills.js file are required.


Please refer to the Contribution Guidelines before starting any work.

Using the server

We recommend the use of React Storybook for developing components.

Start the server:
yarn storybook
  1. Open browser to http://localhost:9000/.

  2. Develop components in their respective folders (/components or /internal).

  3. Write stories for your components in /.storybook.

List of available components

View available React Components here. Usage information is available when you click the blue “Show Info” button in the top right corner of the selected component.


If you experience any issues while getting set up with Carbon Components React, please head over to the GitHub repo for more guidelines and support. Please create an issue if your issue does not already exist.