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Carbon is not just one team. To sustain productive contribution and maintain a clear direction for Carbon as a whole, various groups work together to provide direction, governance, and support.

Steering committee

The Carbon Design System steering committee provides oversight and direction for Carbon and its design and development community, to improve the Carbon Design System for IBM and the world. It is made up of Carbon practitioners to ensure Carbon stays true to the community we’re serving.

Drive impactful human and business outcomes

The steering committee represents the voice of the customer and business, reflecting the diverse objectives of the IBM Design and development community. We ensure Carbon Design System delivers business value, which in turn drives outcomes that people love.

Scale design consistency and excellence

The steering committee provides line of sight into our respective patterns and best practices. By doing so, we support the community effort to improve the consistency of the human experience. To scale excellence, we share successes, either from using Carbon, or as input to improving Carbon. As a committee, we amplify key projects of high potential business value to influence Carbon’s priorities.

Grow and strengthen the community

The steering committee engages our respective networks of collaborators and resources to consume, contribute to, and innovate Carbon. We feed a virtuous cycle in which Carbon advocacy grows by freeing Designers and Developers to focus on higher level solutions, which they contribute back into Carbon.  This increases the internal and external eminence of Carbon Design System and IBM.

The people

Sophia Levens
Executive Director of Design, IBM Sterling; Chair, Steering committee
Sophia Levens headshot
Tricia Garrett
Design Principal, Master Inventor, Watson Health; Co-chair, Steering committee
Tricia Garrett headshot
Mike Abbink
IBM Distinguished Designer, Carbon
Mike Abbink headshot
Dawn Ahukanna
Design Principal, Technology Support Services (GTS/TSS)
Dawn Ahukanna headshot
Cameron Calder
IBM Design Principal, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software
Cameron Calder headshot
Robin Cannon
Global Director of Design Systems, IBM iX
Robin Cannon headshot
Linda Carotenuto
Product Manager, Digital Design Squad, Carbon for
Linda Carotenuto headshot
Jeff Chew
Senior Experience Technology Manager, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software
Jeff Chew headshot
Patrick Clough
Design System Enablement Lead, CIO Design, Finance and Operations
Patrick Clough headshot
Shawn Hoglund
Experience Lead, CHQ Digital Marketing
Shawn Hoglund headshot
David Levinson
IBM Design Principal, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software
David Levinson headshot
Alison Joseph
Development Manager, Carbon
Alison Joseph headshot
Justin Pomeroy
IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service UI
Justin Pomeroy headshot
Tessa Rodes
Senior Design Manager, IBM Cloud
Tessa Rodes headshot
Matt Rosno
Product Manager, Carbon
Matt Rosno headshot
Jeannie Servaas
IBM Design Principal, Carbon
Jeannie Servaas headshot
JD Speer
Design Lead, IBM Storage
JD Speer headshot
Marko Thorhauer
Executive Creative Director, IBM Design Principal, IBM iX
Marko Thorhauer headshot
Diana Tran
Visual Design Practice Lead, IBM Sterling
Diana Tran headshot
Garrett Vorbeck
Front-end Developer, IBM Systems
Garrett Vorbeck headshot
Cathy Zee-Poor
Creative Director for IBM Z Systems
Cathy Zee-Poor headshot

Advisory board

The Carbon advisory board is comprised of executives across the company who advise on the direction of Carbon and ensure top level buy-in and resource allocation to support Carbon’s work.

Board responsibilities

  • Champion Carbon adoption and Carbon standards within their organization.
  • Where possible, commit to engaging design or development resources from within their organization to help accomplish the Carbon roadmap.
  • Hold the steering committee, and Carbon as a whole, accountable for delivery of design standards, guidance, and excellence with business impact.
  • Provide the steering committee with feedback on business needs, to facilitate a Carbon roadmap that meets those needs.

The people

Mike Abbink
Executive Creative Director, Design, IBM Distinguished Designer
Mike Abbink headshot
Katrina Alcorn
General Manager of Design, Cloud and Cognitive Software
Katrina Alcorn headshot