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The Carbon design tutorials will get you set up to start designing with Carbon and teach you about some of the foundational pieces of the design system.

Introduction to Carbon

Learn about Carbon and its history. This video covers how the IBM Design Language is applied to Carbon, how Carbon interacts with domain level guidance, and what it means to be an open source design system.

For further learning, check out All about Carbon, Get started, and the IBM Design Language.

Designing with Carbon

This video covers how to design with components and type styles, and where to find relevant guidance and resources while designing. It also goes through the steps of getting set up with the Carbon Sketch kits and grid template.

To learn more about our Sketch kits, head over to Design kits.

Using the 2x Grid

Learn about the fundamentals of using our 2x Grid. This video gives an overview of basic grid terminology, breakpoints, the three grid modes, and some resources to get started designing with the 2x Grid.

You can find detailed grid guidance on the 2x Grid page.