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Bugs and requests

Checking for known issues


We use Github to track our bugs. If you have a bug to report or wish to request a new feature, please check the existing issues before opening a new one. There may already be something similar in the works.

Carbon website

Please take some time to explore the content on this website before opening an issue. The site is comprehensive and most guidelines and components are well documented.

Creating an issue

GitHub issues

Report bugs, request features, and leave feedback with a GitHub issue. If you’re unsure which repo to use, please open an issue in the Carbon monorepo.

Carbon repos

GitHub pull requests

If you have a specific fix or contribution, start by generating a pull request in the appropriate Carbon repo. Here are detailed instructions for forking the repo and opening a pull request.

Requests for comment

For changes that are larger in scale, an RFC (request for comment) may be appropriate. Read more about our RFC process.

Need more help?

If you have more questions about issues or requesting features, there are multiple ways to reach us at Contact us.