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Lists are vertical groupings of related content. List items begin with either a number or a bullet.


Lists consist of related content grouped together and organized vertically.

Use bulleted lists when you don’t need to convey a specific order for list items.

Use numbered lists when you need to convey a priority, hierarchy, or sequence between list items.

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Unordered listsTo present content of equal status or value.
Ordered listsImply sequence and order, and are commonly used when giving a set of instructions.



Generally, lists should be used to present simple pieces of information. For more complex sets of data, consider using a data table.


Arrange list items in a logical way. For example, if the list is about resource use, the default order might be highest resource use to lowest. Grouping items in categories into smaller, more specific lists might be more meaningful in some contexts. Alternatively, organize in alphabetical or numeric order.


Use list items that are grammatically parallel. For example, do not mix passive voice with active voice or declarative sentences (statements) with imperative sentences (direct command).

Example of a list


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