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Learn about our latest updates, our release history, and what the team has planned for Carbon’s future.



Each Carbon Design System release includes package releases that are independently versioned following the industry-standard semantic versioning specification.

The Carbon team also ships package minor releases every other week and when necessary, patch releases between minor versions to address bugs. Read more in Carbon’s release radar.

Carbon v11

Carbon v11 focuses on quality of life updates for designers and developers including token and prop renaming for ease of use, component API updates for a more predictable developer experience, and introducing CSS grid for accurate layout building in line with the design language.

With no changes to the IBM Design Language, v11 will not require any brand-driven product redesigns and teams are free to update at their convenience. For more details about this release, see our v11 release page.

Carbon v10

Carbon v10 implemented our newly-updated brand expression (IBM Design Language v2) into our components. The updated components required product teams to redesign product UIs and begin a migration plan to comply with IBM brand experience standards.

Release history

Carbon Design SystemIBM Design LanguageCarbon ElementsCarbon ComponentsCarbon React
Carbon v11
— Q1 2022
— Improves token and prop naming
— Adds light/dark mode support
— Uses CSS grid
IDL v2v11.xv11.xv8.x
Carbon v10
— 29 Mar 2019
— Updates assets to IDL v2
— Updates grid to 16 columns
— Adds Carbon Elements package
IDL v2v10.xv10.xv7.x
Carbon v9
— 4 June 2018
IDL v1v9.xv6.x
Carbon v8
— 26 Oct 2017
IDL v1v8.23.1v5.x
Carbon v7
— 30 Mar 2017
IDL v1v7.26.10v4.2.2
Carbon v6IDL v1v6.20.1v3.14.0